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How to transfer money from ICICI paylater account to Airtel payments bank and other banks

How to transfer money from ICICI paylater account to Airtel payments bank and other banks?

ICICI paylater account can be used for bill payments. Do you know that you can transfer money from it..!!

You can transfer the money in your paylater account to bank through Airtel payment bank.

Steps involved in this process :

1) Open Airtel payments bank app in your mobile

2) Click Banking

3) Click ADD money

4) Enter the money you want to add from paylater account

( please note Rs.2000 is the limit for one transaction. Rs.4000 is the maximum  translation amount per day )

 5) Then select ICICI NET BANKING

6) Login to your ICICI BANK NET BANKING  using user id and password ( or ) you can login using your registered mobile number using OTP.

7) Select Paylater account

Thats it !! Transaction will be completed and amount  and you will get notified via SMS.

8) You can check the status of the transaction by selecting transaction history..


1) Open Airtel payments bank app

2) Click Banking

3) Select SEND money option

4) Enter recipient bank account details such as ,






5) Then click PROCEED

6) Enter the amount to be send and click ✔️

7) Enter your mPIN and click ✔️

8) Amount will be sent and you will receive notification.

9) Check the wallet balance for your confirmation.

10) You can also check transaction history for your reference.

video link :


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